Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Is this the "Dodgy Dossetter"?

OK, I shouldn't have said that. Nice spirits don't make snide ad hominem attacks on people but some puns are so ripe and juicy one just has to pluck them. TVNZ has run an explosive (estimated yield about half a damp squib) story (see Allegations against Winston Peters, link pinched from David Farrar). Apparently an affidavit from Ross Meurant's former partner, Yvonne Dossetter, held by TVNZ has been mysteriously leaked to parliament. The said affidavit alleges that Meurant told Dossetter that he (Meurant) had received money from Simunovich Fisheries for Winston Peters at the time of the fisheries select committeee investigations.
I was just wondering -
(1) whether there was anything in the affidavit that wasn't hearsay;
(2) whether the "Omnibus Bill" is going to extend spousal immunity / privilege to communications between Ross Meurant and Yvonne Dossetter;
(3) whether an affidavit has any practical significance when spousal immunity makes perjury impossible to prove;
(4) which way Ian Ewen-Street, David Carter and Winston Peters are voting on the Omnibus Bill.
The Grey Shade is no fan of Winston Peters but this allegation was a crock when it was floated up earlier this year and looks like proving an older and smellier crock this time.
Good to see the Speaker's response, though.
.. 'Speaker Jonathan Hunt says that David Carter can't simply write back to him asking him to investigate. He says the MP must spell out the case against Peters, or the select committee he chairs must make a recommendation'
The Bunter, at least, was not born yesterday.


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