Tuesday, September 21, 2004

That's a Wrap

So we now have a concession from CBS that the memos "might have been forgeries". We can safely assume that the grotty images posted are the only copies CBS has and that their unimpeachable sources were anything but. Clearly this whole sorry affair should never have happened - but it did. As the credits roll let's look at the roles/futures of the protagonists

Dan Rather: Surely now is the time for a long-desrved and long-overdue retirement.

American Journalistic Standards: Have been AWOL for too many years - perhaps they will now report for duty.

George W Bush: This man has had the luck of the devil. This incident has (in the eyes of too many voters) discredited his opponents and the earlier allegations about his TANG service (based on officially realeased documents). And he hasn't even had to perjure himself with a denial.

Karl Rove: Was not behind the original leak to CBS. He is , however, behind the rumours that he was.

John Kerry: Has won a fourth purple heart for collateral damage. Injuries may be fatal.

Oh and what about that $10,000 prize: There was nothing in the terms about the memos being genuine -just so long as they were reproduced on a 1972 typewriter. If anyone out there has an IBM Executive Model D (or Selectrix Composer) with a TH key I'd be happy to split the proceeds.


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